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Fewer WordPress Plugins.  More Control.

WPCodeBox empowers you to enable only the code you need, where you need it. Without messing with child themes or functions.php

Never look for that useful code snippet again. Save your most-used code snippets to the cloud. We also provide you with a growing library of curated and tested WordPress Code Snippets.

  • Add your most-used snippets to your cloud account
  • Share your snippets across all your WordPress sites
  • Use our snippet repository to find the best snippets
  • WordPress-aware autocomplete
  • SCSS/LESS Compiler
  • CSS support with hot-reload
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Install fewer plugins and save hours when
WordPress sites

WPCodeBox is a WordPress Code Snippets Manager that allows you to save all your Code Snippets to the Cloud and share them across your WordPress sites. Our Code Snippet Repository 
provides you with a library of tested and ready-to-use Code Snippets for your WordPress site.

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Improve your WordPress workflow

WPCodeBox is featured packed to help you work with WordPress code snippets. Not only it allows 
you to stop adding code to functions.php or child themes, but it is a complete solution 
tailor-made for working with WordPress Code and Code Snippets.

Ready-to-use Code Snippets for common WordPress tasks

You can find code snippets in our snippet repository to do things like add Google Tag Manager to WordPress, add the Facebook Pixel to WordPress, customize the WooCommerce checkout. All the snippets on our repository are tested and reviewed by us to make sure they work 100% of the time.

Save WordPress Code Snippets to the Cloud

You can save your most-used snippets to your secure cloud account if you want. Those snippets will be available on all WordPress sites on which you have WPCodeBox installed.
Saving snippets in the cloud will save you a lot of time by having your most-used snippets always at the ready, on your existing sites or on new WordPress sites you are creating.

Create your own Code Snippets with WordPress dev tools

WPCodeBox features a WordPress-specific auto-complete tool that would suggest WordPress functions, actions, and filters based on your context. 
WPCodeBox will transparently disable any snippet that would cause an error, so even if you add a bad snippet, there will be 0 downtime for you or your customers.

Install fewer WordPress plugins and get better performance

WPCodeBox allows you to add Code Snippets to your WordPress site in a safe and organized way. By doing this, you will reduce the number of plugins, and you will get better performance for all your WordPress sites.

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How WPCodeBox saves you hours when working with WordPress

Save Code Snippets to the Cloud

Save your favorite Code Snippets to your WPCodeBox Cloud Account and access them across all your WordPress sites.

Advanced Conditional Loading

Build advanced conditions that dictate how and when your WordPress code snippets should be executed.

WordPress Code Snippets Library

Search our WordPress Code Snippet Repository and download code snippets from the WPCodeBox interface.

Organize Code Snippets in folders

Don't keep your code snippets in one long and untidy list. Organize snippets in folders locally and in the cloud.

React based UI, no page refreshes

Never wait for pages to reload again. WPCodeBox is built in React, which means everything happens on a single page.

Snippets are disabled on error

In case you add a bad code snippet to WordPress, it will be transparently disabled with zero downtime.

WPCodeBox supports

PHP Code Snippets

Add PHP snippets to your WordPress site. The Code Editor features WordPress-aware auto-complete to assist you.

JavaScript Code Snippets

Add JS code to your site, like tracking codes or custom functionality without messing with FTP or child themes.

CSS/SCSS/LESS Code Snippets

Make CSS, SCSS or LESS tweaks on your WordPress site, and have the changes auto-reloaded on the frontend.

Get WPCodeBox and save hours when working with WordPress

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Get WPCodeBox and save hours when working with WordPress

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UNLIMITED snippet storage

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LIFETIME updates

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LIFETIME access to the snippets repository

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Rob Carter

"WPCodeBox is a fantastic plugin that makes it easy to organise your code snippets and load them only when needed, helping you to eliminate bloated plugins and speed up your site. The interface feels incredibly snappy and is a joy to use. It's so intuitive, I was adding snippets to it within two minutes of installing the plugin on my site."

Aniket Borhade
Curlistic Design

" Such a great plugin bundled with such a great support at this affordable lifetime price is an insane value for money. Being a freelance website designer, WPCodeBox is the first plugin that goes on each & every website I create." 

Tom Homer
eSilverStrike Consulting

"If you have a lot of code snippets on your site like I do, WPCodeBox is great tool for organizing them. Especially with the Cloud snippets which allows me to easily share code without hunting for where I used it last. Customer support is knowledgeable and quick to respond to my inquires."

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to access my cloud snippets?

The cloud snippets are accessible across all installs of the plugin. Access to the cloud snippets is based on an API key, that is automatically added to yout plugin when you download it. 

Will my code only be saved in the cloud?

No, your code will be saved locally by default, just like Code Snippets. You have the option to upload the snippets that you want to your cloud account.

Can I change my API key?

Yes, you can change your API key by going into your account and re-generating the API key. Make sure to keep the API key as secret as a password.

How can I share Code Snippets with my clients?

We are currently working on a feature that will allow you to add multiple API keys to your account. You will be able to designate API keys as deploy-only so that the clients cannot add or update the snippets saved to your cloud account.

Will WPCodeBox switch to a subscription model?

Yes, after the launch period, WPCodeBox will switch to a yearly subscription model. Current users will have access to all features as a lifetime deal.

What happens to my cloud snippets if you go out of business?

WPCodeBox is a profitable company. But we have developed a contingency plan in case we go out of business. You will receive a WordPress plugin that will function as your Cloud Storage. So you can continue to use the plugin by hosing your own Cloud Snippet Repository.


If you still have questions, contact us using the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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