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Cloud folders for your WordPress Code Snippets

Since version 1.2.0, WPCodeBox allows you to create and upload/download folders from the cloud.

This feature allows you to better organize your WordPress cloud snippets.

How it works

Local and cloud folder management is independent. So, if you have a folder locally, and remove a snippet from it, or move a snippet to another folder, when uploading the folder to the cloud these changes won’t be updated. Only the changes that are currently in that folder will be updated in the cloud.

This way you can manage folders independently locally and in the cloud. When downloading a folder from the cloud, only the snippets that are in that folder will be updated locally. Changes like moving a snippet from one folder to another locally won’t get updated to the cloud as that could cause confusion.

Why use Cloud Folders

This feature allows you to organize your WordPress snippets as you want, locally or in the cloud. 

When installing WPCodeBox on a new site, this allows you to pull all your Code Snippets with just one click, saving you time by not needing to download them one by one.

WordPress code snippets can still be uploaded and downloaded from the cloud one by one as needed.

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