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WordPress specific Autocomplete

WPCodeBox features a really helpful feature for writing WordPress snippets. That is WordPress-aware autocomplete for PHP code snippets.

What this means, is that WPCodeBox will auto-suggest WordPress functions, actions, and filters, as well as PHP functions and constants. This is really helpful when writing your own code snippets. It will help you to not have to look up code as you type it.

What will trigger the WordPress aware autocomplete?

WordPress functions

WPCodeBox has a built-in library of WordPress functions, that will auto-suggest when you start typing. This allows you to write code snippets faster and have fewer errors. 


When you write add_action in a PHP Code Snippet, WPCodeBox will automatically suggest all WordPress actions, and you will be able to search them and select the one you need.


This works the same as add_action but it will suggest WordPress filters.

Why is this useful?

The autocomplete features allow you to write code as easy as you would in an IDE with WordPress support. This makes your life super-easy by reducing the number of typing you do, reducing the number of mistakes, and increasing productivity when writing WordPress code snippets.

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