Maghetiu Ovidiu, Founder

I am programming since I was 7. I can still remember the satisfaction I got from my first compiled program. Over the years I worked with BASIC, C, C++, Java and now PHP and WordPress. Some of the most important projects I have been involved with are: - Lead Developer (2011)
This was the first big WordPress plugin I developed. It was my first experience working with WordPress, and I fell in love. - Lead Developer (2012)
This is a project management service that is still around today. I was the developer that started the project and the lead developer.
Macmillan Digital Education - Software Engineer (2014)
While at Macmillan, I worked mainly on education related startups. Despite being a big company, it helped me learn a lot about startup culture and complex, cloud hosted PHP Applications. - Founder and CTO (2015) was a WordPress Cloud IDE that I developed from scratch using technologies like Docker, AngularJS and Symfony. It allowed you to launch containerized WordPress development instances, and develop plugins and themes in the cloud. Eventually it failed, but it was an interesting project from which I learned a lot.
WP All Export Pro - Lead Developer (2017)
I am the lead developer for the biggest WordPress export plugin. Working on WP All Export is a great experience, and I love that I have to solve complex problems in a great atmosphere and with a great company.

Besides WordPress, I really enjoy working with ReactJS, building Single Page Applications, and cloud and distributed applications and services.

When not coding, I like to tinker with electronics and mechanical gadgets.
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