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SCSS WordPress Code Snippets Now Supported in WPCodeBox

Since version 1.1.6, WPCodeBox supports SASS and SCSS code snippets. As a result, you will be able to add and compile SCSS code to your WordPress site without requiring any extra build steps or additional plugins.

5 useful WordPress Code Snippets on the WPCodeBox repository

A WordPress code snippet is a small bit of code that has been designed to be copied and pasted, usually into a plugin or theme. They can be very useful for speeding up development time and making sure we're using the same logic over and over again. They allow us to bypass the repetitive process […]

How WPCodeBox saves you hours when working with WordPress Code Snippets

WordPress code snippets are extremely useful to customize your WordPress site. WPCodeBox saves you hours when adding Code Snippets to WordPress.

The easiest way to add Google Tag Manager to WordPress

The easiest way to add Google Tag Manager to your WordPress site.

Installing Plugins and Themes in WordPress Without Giving FTP Access

A blog post about how to install plugins and themes in WordPress without providing FTP Access.

Building a WordPress Plugin in ReactJS: My Experience

In this blog post, I'll tell you about my experience of writing a WordPress plugin in ReactJS. I hope that by reading this you will be able to decide if it's something for you or not. If so, then keep reading!

Clear orphaned post meta using WPCodeBox

How to clear out all the annoying orphaned WordPress post meta that’s slowing down your site.

How to get the PHP, WordPress, and plugins versions using WPCodeBox

When debugging a piece of code or contacting support about a plugin, it's helpful to provide some minimum data about the stack you are running. This info includes the PHP version, WP version, and even what plugins and at which versions you have them installed. Getting this info is super easy using WPCodeBox, it being […]

The real reason you shouldn't add code to your WordPress theme's functions.php file

Adding code to your WordPress theme's functions.php file can indeed cause a lot of headaches. But the real reason why you should keep your code organized is the Single Responsibility Principle. Robert C. Marting coined the term concerning Object Oriented Programming. But, since then, it has evolved, and it's applicable to all programming paradigms, even […]

Why you shouldn't add code to functions.php

Many WordPress articles and tutorials suggest you should add pieces of code to your theme's functions.php files. While this might make sense on its face, it can have quite a few disadvantages: Once you start adding code to functions.php, there is no easy way to organize it. You can try to delimit code snippets with […]

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