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How to write your own WordPress code snippet: Clear WPRocket cache when saving a page

In this blog post, I am going to show you how to write you own WordPress Code snippet from scratch from some basic building blocks.

7 Tips to write better WordPress Code Snippets

Tips on how to write better and cleaner WordPress code snippets, and WordPress code in general.

Disable admin password reset notifications using a WordPress Code Snippet

A WordPress code snippet to disable admin password reset notifications, and how you can add it to WordPress.

Top 5 mistakes when adding Code Snippets to your WordPress site

The most common errors that WordPress developers make when writing snippets of code are listed below. These errors will not stop your WordPress site from working if you use WPCodeBox, but you can avoid them by following these simple tips. Missing the PHP open tag WordPress code snippets are small pieces of PHP scripts. And, […]

Introducing the WPCodeBox Condition Builder

The WPCodeBox condition builder makes it even easier to control when WordPress Code Snippets are executed.

SCSS WordPress Code Snippets Now Supported in WPCodeBox

Since version 1.1.6, WPCodeBox supports SASS and SCSS code snippets. As a result, you will be able to add and compile SCSS code to your WordPress site without requiring any extra build steps or additional plugins.

5 useful WordPress Code Snippets on the WPCodeBox repository

A WordPress code snippet is a small bit of code that has been designed to be copied and pasted, usually into a plugin or theme. They can be very useful for speeding up development time and making sure we're using the same logic over and over again. They allow us to bypass the repetitive process […]

How WPCodeBox saves you hours when working with WordPress Code Snippets

WordPress code snippets are extremely useful to customize your WordPress site. WPCodeBox saves you hours when adding Code Snippets to WordPress.

The easiest way to add Google Tag Manager to WordPress

The easiest way to add Google Tag Manager to your WordPress site.

Installing Plugins and Themes in WordPress Without Using FTP Access

A blog post about how to install plugins and themes in WordPress without providing FTP Access.

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