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WPCodeBox 1.3.0 Beta 1.0 released
  • new feature: Quick Actions (add manual snippets to the top bar and run them with no page refresh)
  • new feature: HTML code snippet support
  • new feature: Save CSS/SCSS/JS to external file
  • new feature: Minify CSS/SCSS/JS code
  • improvement: Setting to show a confirmation before uploading a snippet to the cloud
  • improvement: Keep track of changes so we can detect overwriting of newer code to the cloud in the future
  • improvement: CSS Autoreload revamp, no need to refresh, autoreload external CSS/SCSS with cache busting
  • improvement: New and improved local folder logic
  • improvement: Preserve the current open snippet when reloading the page
  • improvement: Don't fail when unable to load local or cloud snippets, display an error
  • improvement: Don't run snippets on WPCodeBox requests (so you can still access WPCodeBox in case of error)
  • improvement: Don't open folders on hover, just highlight them
  • bugfix: Snippets not updated when deleting a cloud folder (changes appearing only after refresh)
  • bugfix: Drag snippets outside of cloud folders doesn't work

WPCodeBox v1.2.1 released
  • Improvement: Set focus back to the input field when creating a new cloud folder
  • Improvement: Added the editor font to the plugin, so that the experience is more consistent across different OS's
  • Bugfix: Code editor UI issues on Windows PCs
  • Bugfix: After saving the settings, the Font Size input field was empty
  • Bugfix: In some cases, when dragging a local snippet to a folder, an error would appear in the error log
WPCodeBox v1.2.0 released
  • Improvement: Cloud Folders (create folders to organize your cloud snippets)
  • Improvement: Added TXT file support (for notes that can be saved in the cloud)
  • Improvement: Added editor settings (theme and font size)
  • Improvement: UI Improvements
  • Bugfix: When selecting header for CSS or JS, the script would be actually loaded in the footer
  • Bugfix: When deleting local folders, sometimes child snippets are not deleted
  • Bugfix: When having a folder open and deleting another folder, the next folder would be open
WPCodeBox v1.1.8 released
  • Improvement: Add the option to move WPCodeBox to the tools menu
  • Bugfix: Parent post condition not working
  • Bugfix: When changing the snippet priority, the save icon doesn't turn orange (to notify of unsaved changes)
  • Bugfix: When changing the header/footer option, the value defaults to footer
  • Bugfix: Custom PHP condition UI appears over select elements (Z-index problem)
WPCodeBox v1.1.7 released
  • Improvement: Condition builder (for building complex conditions for when to run/not run snippets)
  • Improvement: Added option to run CSS and JS in header or footer
  • Improvement: Added the snippet priority option, to modify snippet execution order
  • Improvement: Long names in cloud snippets make titles jump on hover which can be distracting
  • Bugfix: Hide Code Snippets from the Oxygen preview select
  • Bugfix: Make CSS and JS run correctly in the admin area
WPCodeBox v1.1.6 released - maintenance release


  • Fixed: Editor height too small, especially on 4k displays
  • Fixed: Cloud snippets not always updated correctly
  • Fixed: Error when enabling dev mode for CSS snippets that are set to run on the frontend
  • Fixed: Error when saving SCSS and having WP-SCSS enabled
  • Fixed: Fonts not found error in console
  • Fixed: When switching the snippet from custom to manual, the page conditions are not hidden

WPCodeBox v1.1.5 released


  • Fixed admin notice when repeatedly activating/deactivating the plugin

WPCodeBox v1.1.4 released


  • SASS Integration
  • LESS integration
  • Run/don't run snippets on multiple pages/posts
  • Download manually running Snippets from the Snippet Repository
  • Hide license keys on the frontend
  • UI improvements

WPCodeBox v1.1.2 released


  • Added new version and update notifications in the dashboard
  • Added cache busting to static CSS assets
  • Added access to the snippet repository from within the plugin
  • Improved the way snippets run, make them run at a lower level
  • Fixed snippets that should run everywhere not running
WPCodeBox v1.1.1 released


  • Fixed: snippets that should run everywhere are not running
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