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Installing Plugins and Themes in WordPress Without Using FTP Access

BlogInstalling Plugins and Themes in WordPress Without Using FTP Access

If you are a WordPress user, then there is a good chance that you have had to install plugins and themes on your website. This can be a tricky process if WordPress is not set up correctly and it asks you for FTP details when trying to install a WordPress theme or plugin. Fortunately, this post will walk through some easy steps for installing plugins in WordPress without giving FTP Access!

The problem

To be able to install WordPress plugins without providing FTP access, you would need to make sure the server has the right write permissions to the wp-content folder. On most managed and shared WordPress hosting environments, this should be the case.

The solution

If you still can't install plugins or themes without providing FTP access, you can download the snippet "Install plugins and themes without FTP" from the WPCodeBox WordPress Snippet Repository and enable it.

This will instruct WP to use the direct FS method to install plugins and themes, so you won't need to provide FTP details.

You can read more about WPCodeBox features in this blog post on

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