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sass and less WordPress Code Snippets

Since version 1.1.6, WPCodeBox supports SASS and SCSS code snippets. As a result, you will be able to add and compile SCSS code to your WordPress site without requiring any extra build steps or additional plugins.

What is SCSS?

CSS preprocessor languages like SASS allow you to use features that are not currently available in the CSS, such as using variables and mixins. This is very similar to what PHP does, which executes a script on the server generating an HTML output for your web page; similarly, SASS can take .scss files and generate CSS files of your stylesheet language.

Do you want to use SCSS in your WordPress site?

WPCodeBox is a plugin that allows you to add SCSS code snippets to WordPress as easily as adding CSS. It's the easiest way for developers and designers alike to get started with SCSS on their WordPress sites.

With WPCodeBox, it's easy enough for anyone who has ever used CSS before! You can start using SCSS today without any extra plugins or complicated build scripts. Get started now by installing the plugin and following our quick tutorial video.

Install WPCodeBox today and start building beautiful websites with ease!

Customizing your WordPress site using 
Code Snippets is really easy.

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