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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to access my cloud snippets?

The cloud snippets are accessible across all installs of the plugin. Access to the cloud snippets is based on an API key, that is automatically added to your plugin when you download it. 

Will my code only be saved in the cloud?

No, your code will be saved locally by default, just like Code Snippets. You have the option to upload the snippets that you want to your cloud account.

Can I change my API key?

Yes, you can change your API key by going into your account and re-generating the API key. Make sure to keep the API key as secret as a password.

How can I share Code Snippets with my clients?

You can create separate API Keys for your clients. In the WPCodeBox dashboard, you can revoke access to any API Key to the cloud, or mark it as read-only to only allow that API Key to download snippets from the cloud.

Will WPCodeBox switch to a subscription model?

Yes, after the launch period, WPCodeBox will switch to a yearly subscription model. Current users will have access to all features as a lifetime deal.

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