WPCodeBox 1.3.2 Beta 1.3 released

Founder of WPCodeBox
  • New Feature: CSS Preview Window with DOM Inspector
  • New Feature: Drag And Drop Snippets and Folders to reorder them
  • New Feature: Change layouts from Plugin Settings
  • New Feature: Enable Dark Mode from Plugin Settings
  • New Feature: Wrap Long Lines in Plugin Settings
  • New Feature: Snippet/Folder quick Enable/Disable from the Snippet List
  • Improvement: Search works in Snippet Code
  • Improvement: Set priority to the default 10 when downloading a snippet from the cloud
  • Improvement: In case a snippet is disabled because of an error, show the line number in the error report
  • Improvement: Added hook to rename "Quick Actions" text
  • Beta Bugfix: Inconsistent save icon state
  • Bugfix: Warning when rendering external JS Scripts with no tag options

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