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WPCodeBox 1.4.0 released

Founder of WPCodeBox
  • New Feature: Select hook execution location for PHP code snippets
  • New Feature: Edit Cloud Snippets directly
  • New Feature: Code Formatter for PHP/JS/CSS/SCSS snippets
  • New Feature: ACF Autocomplete (if ACF is installed)
  • New Feature: Meta Box Autocomplete (if Meta Box is installed)
  • New Feature: Context menu for Code Snippets
  • New Feature: Clone snippets from the context menu
  • New Feature: Hook suggestions when adding ACF Code
  • New Feature: Hook suggestions when adding Meta Box Code
  • New Feature: Add cache-busting string to static assets on code snippet save
  • Improvement: Workaround for the need to add secret keys on Local by Flywheel
  • Improvement: Unload notice and confirmation if you have unsaved changes and want to leave the page/refresh
  • Improvement: Mark snippet as changed when editing conditions
  • Improvement: Make snippet list scrollable
  • Improvement: Make code snippet top-bar smaller
  • Improvement: User Role condition
  • Improvement: Login Page condition
  • Improvement: Allow the removal of the 1st condition in a group
  • Improvement: Better support for CSS variables
  • Bugfix: Inconsistencies when downloading an already opened code snippet from the cloud
  • Bugfix: Snippet drag and drop doesn’t work in Firefox
  • Bugfix: Snippet order resets in the UI if you drag and drop snippets and then you open/close the folder
  • Bugfix: Inconsistencies when downloading an already opened code snippet from the cloud
  • Bugfix: Taxonomy condition triggers warning

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