WPCodeBox 2.0.0 Beta 3.0 released

Founder of WPCodeBox

This Beta release is intended for testing purposes. Please avoid using this version in production.

  • New Feature: Multiple insertion points for CSS/SCSS/LESS/JS Snippets
  • New Feature: Enable Safe Mode by appending &safe_mode=1 to the WPCodeBox URL

  • Improvement: Preserve Snippet toggle state before refreshes
  • Improvement: Show WooCommerce actions only if WooCommerce installed
  • Improvement: Catch output automatically in shortcodes (we can use echo)
  • Improvement: Render shortcodes in HTML Snippets
  • Improvement: Add Preview to SCSS Partials
  • Improvement: Made the functionality plugin and description not editable for now
  • Improvement: Removed the enable/disable context menu for SCSS Partials

  • Beta Bugfix: Various Functionality Plugin errors and notices fixed
  • Beta Bugfix: SCSS file saved multiple times in case of errors
  • Beta Bugfix: Console errors in some cases that interfere with the WP menu on the WPCodeBox page
  • Beta Bugfix: ACF/Metabox autocomplete is not working
  • Beta Bugfix: DOM Inspector not highlighting elements
  • Beta Bugfix: Preview iframe reloads when saving the snippet for the first time
  • Beta Bugfix: Downloading a snippet from the cloud doesn’t update the code until refresh
  • Beta Bugfix: CSS auto-reload in Preview is not smooth
  • Beta Bugfix: Cache busting is not always working with JS Snippets
  • Beta Bugfix: DOM Inspector not working
  • Beta Bugfix: Fix notices and warnings
  • Beta Bugfix: Error when uploading snippets with hooks to the cloud
  • Beta Bugfix: When on a cloud snippet and clicking “New Snippet”, the code is carried over from the cloud snippet
  • Beta Bugfix: Error when using condition too early
  • Beta Bugfix: Current logged-in user condition missing
  • Beta Bugfix: Uncaught error when there is an error in a “Root” defined snippet
  • Beta Bugifx: Conditions error in Functionality Plugin
  • Beta Bugfix: Autoreload not taking account of the conditions
  • Beta Bugfix: In some cases, when using the Functionality Plugin, Inline CSS Snippets not loading on the frontend

  • Bugfix: Tooltips show under the WP menu
  • Bugfix: Overflow issue when there’s a long error
  • Bugfix: When switching from Manual Snippet to cloud snippet, the run button is not hidden
  • Bugfix: In some cases, when editing a cloud snippet, the type changes from CSS to PHP
  • Bugfix: Upload to the cloud in the context menu doesn’t work for snippets in folders

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