WPCodeBox 2 v1.0.0 released

Founder of WPCodeBox
  • New Feature: Monaco Editor
  • New Feature: Autocomplete for all WordPress actions & filters & Parameters
  • New Feature: Functionality Plugin (Experimental)
  • New Feature: WooCommerce hooks snippet insertion for HTML and PHP Snippets
  • New Feature: Color picker for CSS/SCSS/LESS
  • New Feature: SCSS Partials
  • New Feature: Render PHP/HTML snippets using custom shortcodes
  • New Feature: Actions and custom actions for rendering snippets
  • New Feature: Option to render CSS/SCSS after page builders’ CSS
  • New Feature: Show local variables in autocomplete
  • New Feature: Save UI Settings to the cloud
  • New Feature: Execute PHP snippets using a secure external URL
  • New Feature: Collapse left/right panes using Ctrl + 1/Ctrl + 2
  • New Feature: Added do not render to PHP snippets so they can be included via code
  • New Feature: Emmet support
  • New Feature: Oxygen Color Integration
  • New Feature: Bricks Color Integration
  • New Feature: Automatic CSS Integration
  • New Feature: WordPress hooks and action reference on hover
  • New Feature: Code map that can be disabled in settings
  • New Feature: CSS Variables support and autocomplete
  • New Condition: User logged in
  • New Condition: User device (mobile/desktop)
  • Improvement: Use custom tables to store data for better performance
  • Improvement: Added info about safe mode on the error page
  • Improvement: Show notice when Safe Mode is active
  • Improvement: Added “Reload Local Snippets” button
  • Improvement: Removed jQuery from Live Reload CSS
  • Improvement: Close the context menu when clicking on another snippet
  • Improvement: Added post name to the WPCodeBox custom post types
  • Improvement: Removed arrow from priority input in Firefox
  • Improvement: Complete backend rewrite for improved performance
  • Improvement: Better error detection and handling
  • Improvement: Add loader when running manual snippets
  • Improvement: Allow the saving of SCSS/LESS snippets even if the compilation fails
  • Improvement: Action/priority/shortcode are saved to the cloud
  • Improvement: Set “plugins_loaded” as the default action for PHP snippets
  • Improvement: Make the editor fill the height
  • Improvement: Removed the plugins_loaded notice
  • Improvement: Added wp_body_open hook
  • Improvement: Fire wpcb_snippet_disabled action when a snippet is disabled
  • Improvement: Small security improvements
  • Bugfix: PHP Notice when using the post parent conditions for posts that don't have a parent
  • Bugfix: When editing cloud snippets, the name is not updated in the list automatically
  • Bugfix: The key is not checked on autoreload, causing compatibility issues with some plugins
  • Bugfix: Snippet status not updated when downloading a snippet from the cloud
  • Bugfix: Taxonomy “Is not” condition is not working correctly
  • Bugfix: LESS is not working on PHP 8
  • Bugfix: Current snippet is not always selected when refreshing the page
  • Bugfix: Unsaved changes notification appears when there are no unsaved changes
  • Bugfix: Delete snippets from the context menu doesn’t always work

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