WPCodeBox v1.3.0 released

Founder of WPCodeBox
  • New Feature: Integration with the API Key manager
  • New Feature: Add/Manage External CSS and JS
  • New Feature: CDNJS integration for adding external files (access and search over 4000 JS libraris from inside WPCodeBox)
  • New Feature: Ability to defer/async external JS or JS that was saved to file
  • New Feature: Quick Actions (add manual snippets to the top bar and run them with no page refresh)
  • New Feature: HTML code snippet support
  • New Feature: Save CSS/SCSS/JS to external file
  • New Feature: Minify CSS/SCSS/JS code
  • Improvement: Setting to show a confirmation before uploading a snippet to the cloud
  • Improvement: Keep track of changes so we can detect overwriting of newer code to the cloud in the future
  • Improvement: CSS Autoreload revamp, no need to refresh, autoreload external CSS/SCSS with cache busting
  • Improvement: New and improved local folder logic
  • Improvement: Preserve the current open snippet when reloading the page
  • Improvement: Don't fail when unable to load local or cloud snippets, display an error
  • Improvement: Don't run snippets on WPCodeBox requests (so you can still access WPCodeBox in case of error)
  • Improvement: Don't open folders on hover, just highlight them
  • Improvement: Delete selected code snippet when pressing DELETE
  • Bugfix: Snippets not updated when deleting a cloud folder (changes appearing only after refresh)
  • Bugfix: Drag snippets outside of cloud folders doesn't work
  • Bugfix: Some very rare compatibility issues with certain server setups

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