How WPCodeBox saves you hours when working with WordPress Code Snippets

WordPress code snippets are extremely useful to customize your WordPress site. WPCodeBox saves you hours when adding Code Snippets to WordPress.

What are WordPress code snippets

WordPress is a powerful tool for building websites and WordPress Code Snippets are one of the things that make WordPress so great. WordPress snippets are pieces of code that you can use to save time when creating your WordPress site, as they allow you to do common functions or to add features like contact forms or social media buttons quickly and easily. This blog post will cover what WordPress snippets are, how they work, and some resources for finding them on the web.

Code Snippets are also leaner than WordPress plugins and allow you to do the same thing with much less bloat. This will generate an increase in performance and WordPress security. WordPress

Snippets are not only useful for WordPress developers but also for WordPress users who don't have much knowledge of code. Using Code Snippets you can add things like tracking codes (Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Hockeystack, etc.). Or customize things like your WooCommerce Checkout Page. WordPress

What makes it difficult to use WordPress Code Snippets

The problem with Code Snippets until now was that they were pretty hard to use for non-coders, and if used wrong could even break your site. Sites and tutorials recommend adding code snippets to your theme's functions.php files. This can be counter-intuitive for non-technical users, and each WordPress site's functions.php file becomes a garbled mess of code.

It also is hard to manage all your WordPress code snippets, you would need a separate Code Snippets manager to keep track of all the snippets, and which sites they are installed on.

Saving WordPress Code Snippet to the cloud

WPCodeBox saves you hours when working with WordPress code snippets by allowing you to save WordPress code snippets to your cloud account, and share them across all your WordPress installs.

WPCodeBox is the first WordPress plugin that allows you to do this. Users have reported savings of multiple hours per week when working with a lot of WordPress sites.

WordPress Code Snippets repository

WPCodeBox also gives you access to a WordPress code snippets repository, that you can access from your admin area. There are currently code snippets for WooCommerce, Oxygen, EDD, and snippets for general WordPress admin tasks like enable maintenance mode, clean the database, or remove the excerpt read more links.

There are also ready-made snippets that help you add tracking codes to your WordPress sites. Tracking codes like Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, or Hockeystack.

State-of-the-art tools to write your own WordPress Code Snippets

WPCodeBox solves these WordPress Code Snippets problems by making it easy to create WordPress code snippets, and use them on any site. With drag-and-drop you can easily add a snippet to your WordPress admin dashboard or another website's functions.php file with just a few clicks!

The killer function of WPCodeBox is the ability to save WordPress Code Snippets to the cloud and share them across all your WordPress sites.

In WPCodeBox each snippet can be edited individually in a state-of-the-art code editor. The code editor is made with WordPress in mind. It will show you common WordPress errors, and also it has auto-complete for the most-used WordPress hooks and filters.


Code Snippets are a very powerful way to customize your WordPress sites with fewer plugins, but it was previously difficult to keep track of and add code snippets to your WordPress site.

With WPCodeBox, you get all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of adding WordPress code snippets to your site.

Get WPCodeBox, the most powerful WordPress Code Snippet Manager.

and save hours when customizing WordPress sites.

WPCodeBox is a WordPress Code Snippets Manager that allows you to share your WordPress Code Snippets across your sites.

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