WPCodeBox 2.0.0 Beta 2.0 released

Founder of WPCodeBox

Important! This Beta version includes many new features and improvements, and it's not meant to be used in production.

You can read the release blog post here.

New Feature: Monaco Editor

New Feature: Autocomplete for all WordPress actions & filters & Parameters

New Feature: WooCommerce hooks snippet insertion for HTML and PHP Snippets

New Feature: Color picker for CSS/SCSS/LESS

New Feature: Oxygen Color Integration

New Feature: Bricks Color Integration

New Feature: Automatic CSS Integration

New Feature: WordPress hooks and action reference on hover

New Feature: Code map that can be disabled in settings

New Feature: CSS Variables support and autocomplete

New Condition: User logged in

New Condition: User device (mobile/desktop)

Improvement: Added info about safe mode on the error page

Improvement: Show notice when Safe Mode is active

Improvement: Added “Reload Local Snippets” button

Improvement: Removed jQuery from Live Reload CSS

Improvement: Close the context menu when clicking on another snippet

Improvement: Added post name to the WPCodeBox custom post types

Improvement: Removed arrow from priority input in Firefox

Beta Bugfix: Fixed PHP warnings

Beta Bugfix: Fixed autoreload issues

Beta Bugfix: Fixed error reporting and detection issues

Beta Bugfix: Inconsistent snippet enabled/disabled state

Beta Bugfix: Cannot upload snippet to cloud when it’s in a folder and right-clicking on it 

Beta Bugfix: Bug when running HTML snippet as shortcode

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